Equine massage and bodywork has a number of positive effects, including the improvement of movement and the reduction of pain and stress responses for both pleasure horses and the "equine athlete".

My training first began in 1997 with Don Doran's Equine Massage program, and continues on today through online courses and hands on experience.

The length of a session varies, but is usually about 75 minutes, with the price starting at $95.

I travel throughout Ventura County but will also travel outside of the area for an additional travel fee.

If there are multiple sessions on the same day (ie. multiple horses at one facility) this fee will be waived.

What To Expect

Upon meeting for your horse's initial consultation, we will discuss your horse's health, your training goals, and what you hope massage can do you for your horse. If possible, I'd like to see your horse being hand-walked and trotted in order to note gait and movement patterns.

Your horse’s massage should take place in a location where he feels comfortable and secure, with as little distraction as possible. Loosely tied in his stall or in cross ties are both good options. If possible, scheduling during barn down-time hours (e.g. away from feeding times) will promote your horse's greatest relaxation during his massage.

If you ride your horse prior to his session, please allow him ample time to cool down and dry off before I arrive.

A typical session includes a general full body massage with special attention to any areas of concern. You may see me perform targeted manual techniques, as well as stretches and range of motion exercises.